Import, capture and definition of risk factors via webcall interview or online Smartsheet completion, management of participant list, data consolidation via graphical drag and drop interface, summary report generation.

Classification of risk factors according to user-defined global classes via graphical drag and drop interface, export to a number of database formats via user-definable template and *.csv

Mapping of risk factor dependencies using pre-defined knowledge bases with group workshop option, remote interactive video workshop option, allocation of risk weighting responsibilties to participants, summary report generation.

Weighting of risk impacts according to user-defined scale via interview or remote Smartsheet completion, risk profile across participant team, progress checklist, summary report generation.

Data analysis of risk map to establish prioritisation of control measures, goals most exposed, significant threat combinations and the optimal sequence of control implementation.

Gap analysis on risk controls, via interview or remote Smartsheet completion, to establish current degree of implementation, required actions to reach full implementation and consequent effect on risk scenario of any current lapses. Colour graphical automated report generation from user-definable templates across a number of formats.


CARMA has an active software development capability, specialising in AI techniques, with a track record of successful product development, systems integration and bespoke software engineering.

What is Dynamic Risk Mapping?
Dynamic Risk Mapping™ was developed over the last 5 years in response to the needs of large organisations and programmes. Dynamic Risk Mapping™ is a four-step methodology which facilitates the gathering and structuring of risk data, and the processing of that data to support and guide management decisions. The method is fully supported by modules in the RiskTools™ software suite which automate the tasks of data gathering, structuring, measurement, analysis and reporting. Dynamic Risk Mapping™ technology can be transferred to a client organisation in a managed incremental fashion. The system can auto-generate custom-specified reports for administrative purposes.

What is RiskTools?
RiskTools™ is a powerful AI software suite which supports the implementation of CARMA's Dynamic Risk Mapping™ methodology. The modules in the suite are shown at left.