CARMA provides training in Risk Management and its application in a wide variety of business areas. CARMA staff have extensive experience in the design and delivery of exclusive training materials using the latest technology. Courses currently on offer include those below. Please Contact Us for details.
  • Groundwork Course 1

    1. Regulatory Requirements on Risk

  • Groundwork Course 2

    2. Technology Risk Management

  • Groundwork Course 3

    3. Risk and the Business Environment


  • Groundwork Course 4

    4. Managing Human Resource Risk


  • Groundwork Course 5

    5. Liability Exposures

  • Groundwork Course 6

    6. Environmental Risk Management

  • Implementation Course 1

    7. Risk Analysis for Project/Programme Management

  • Implementation Course 2

    8. Risk Management Tools and Techniques

  • Implementation Course 3

    9. Strategic Risk Management


  • Implementation Course 4

    10. Risk Capture and Consolidation

    Scanning the environment for risk factors, classification and consolidation of risk data under a risk framework, data structures for risk.

  • Implementation Course 5

    11. Risk Mapping and Weighting

    Identifying and measuring risk dependencies

  • Implementation Course 6

    12. Risk Network Analysis and Audit Reporting

    Using AI to select actions to manage risk, keeping track of risk control actions, communicating about risk.